February 2017
The Pelican Residence and Suites, Krabi

The Pelican Residence and Suites
The Refined Tropical Modernity

The impressive subtlety, pleasurable ambience and standard facilities are harmoniously incorporated so as to yield a homey comfort and everlasting balance living, appealing all luxury global clientele.


Krabi province is rich in natural beauty, featuring a myriad of stunning limestone cliffs and mountains that can be seen from the golden shores and from the azure waters off the coast. There are numbers of family-friendly destinations, tranquil and serene beachfront accommodations, and the extensive ranges of leisure activities waiting for you to lavish on. Whatever you wish to do spa, go shopping, sleepover night at swanky hotels resorts, boutique, small luxury, upscale beds, get yourself involved in exciting outdoor activities or opt to stylishly stay in Pool Villa resort or even decide to live long term at an exclusive serviced apartment or mixed-use establishments, Krabi is really the place to be.

If you are currently very much looking for an exotic destination to empty your holiday break or honeymoon time and indulge with the beautiful sea, sun, and sandy beach, Krabi province is your right choice for having a whale of the time with your beloved and family members. Meanwhile, the province is sensually famed for its hedonistic elements and its uniqueness in the natural wonders is absolutely the key recipe to help you achieve a memorable traveling experience.



Looking at the lifestyle development in Krabi, as a result of the massive tourism campaigns and the thriving tourism industry, the province has conspicuously seen a smorgasbord of exceptionally awe-inspiring hotels, resorts, residential and mixed-used developments that continue to raise the bar in terms of quality, design and lifestyle, aiming to well response to all individual preferences of people in the modern, luxury, and rich market.

Actually, the property industry is fluctuated while people don’t only look for the location and convenience for a day-to-day basic of living, but they are also growingly in search of the residential project that can sport conceptual design and style, the quality of value for money, idea in construction, and management and modern market also view that a residential project should be capable of exuding the homey feeling to all customers or residents.


The newly opened “The Pelican Residence and Suites” is a case in point to fulfill your modern luxury lifestyle with superb range of eateries and recreational facilities to indulge. The modern-luxury habitat has been exquisitely established in accordance with the chosen luxury lifestyle activities of people in the up-market. Its impressive subtlety, pleasurable ambience and standard facilities are harmoniously incorporated so as to yield a homey comfort for all discerning guests, travelers, and/or long-term residents and also to ensure an everlasting balance living with the nature.

Idyllically located at Klong Muang beach, just roughly 45minute driving from Krabi International Airport and only 15km north of the famous Ao Nang beach, The Pelican Residence and Suites is a distinctively luxury heaven, featuring captivating layer of the design in all suites. They are tastefully equipped with everything to meet all business concerns as all the en-suite daily necessaries and amenities will indefinitely help enhance homey moment, appealing to the most discerning clientele.


Based on our hands-on experience, The Pelican Residence and Suites emphasizes on providing guests and residents with the occidental hospitality experience with subtle Thai essence amidst the sought-after tropical modernity and contemporary in mind, which such is regarded as the indispensable element for hotels resorts to help guests achieve an enduring pleasure and a harmonious living with the nature by the sea.

A resort that comes with a stunning and tranquil ocean view is indubitably the most sought-after hideaway for vacationers to come to sleepover, but to guarantee that discerning travelers will stay for a longer period of time, a resort has to provide a superlative choice of accommodation, dining venue for the ultimate indulgence while the blend of the distinctive Thai hospitality is to make sure that they will come to empty their vacation or honeymoon.


It offers an impressive choice of accommodation to meet the needs of its diverse guests with the size ranging from 81 to 242 sqm, available from 1 to 3 bedrooms. They feature built-in wardrobe and private balcony, 1 to 2 unsuited bathrooms with shower and bathtub, western kitchen, dining room and living room. Penthouse unit features rooftop gardens and large individual plunge pools. All suites are view-concerned and exquisitely designed in modern contemporary characteristic with the emphasis on spaciousness to maximize privacy.

“Deluxe Ocean View Pool Suite” is where the Luminesce magazine recently experienced the hospitality service, it’s recommendable if you wish to experience the new lap of modern lifestyle, it’s quite airy and spacious, and fully equipped with everything to meet individual comfort with well-appointed bathroom, private plunge pool, but it’d be great to the sense if it also allows for showering alfresco.

As for the culinary side, you will not be forgiven for forgetting to experience the taste at The Globe Bar Café & Restaurant and the establishment’s signature seafront Nest Beach Bar & Restaurant. The later boasts as the most exquisite and exclusive beach club on Klong Muang Beach, featuring various artists playing local live music amidst a distinctively inviting atmosphere and the unparalleled views over the cerulean waters of the Andaman Sea.”


The private and stylish beach club offers exclusive rights to the beach club pool bar, Café shop, Restaurant, Recreation center. It’s where you can enjoy bubble drinks and fashionable cocktails or premium wines pairing with wide selection of creative dishes finished through unique method of cooking using prime-grade ingredients for your perfection.

The Nest Beach Bar & Restaurant is remarkably a perfect venue not just only for the regular lunch, dinner or a drink, but also for holding a special occasion such as family celebration, a corporate function or wedding celebration or even the fun-filled party which is slated to be officially re-opened on November 15st, 2016.

Traveling in Krabi is unbeatable; the province is teemed with the unscathed natural wonders and the gift of nature that is regarded as an invincible element in tourism industry that other countries can’t afford to emulate. What’s considered a good bonus for all guests staying here may be the provided options of indoor and outdoor leisure and recreational activities for those wanting to take time out testing their adrenalin in snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing, kayaking, and island hopping before coming back to enjoy a romantic dinner at the Nest at the end of the day.

The Pelican Residence and Suites
185 Mu 3 Klong Muang, Tub Kaak Rd.
Nong Talay Krabi, Thailand 81110
Tel: +66(0)75 817 000
E-Mail: reservation@thepelicankrabi.com