February 2017
Kiridara Luang Prabang Hotel & Villas

Kiridara Luang Prabang Hotel & Villas
Known as a retreat for elite travelers
Beautiful designed by Bounkham Chaleunphol

Old world glamour and River View style at the heritage site in Laos, which occupies an authentic interior designed rooms, suites and villas, complete with lush panoramic courtyards and flexible event space and romantic escape. Set in historical neighbourhood just a few minutes away from down town Luang Prabang, Kiridara is the perfect getaway for those seeking an exclusively private location and alternate pampering.

Luang Prabang (ຫລວງພະບາງ) was the first capital of Lao kingdom and the legendary of million elephants land during 1353 – 1545. Today Luang Prabang is small lovely town and is one of the UNESCO - protected gems. A former French colony is situated in the north of Central Lao PDR, where sits at the confluence of the Mekong River and the Nam Khan River. This little town is one of the world famous for its ancient Buddhist temples, monasteries, French – Indochinese architect and warm – hearted people.

Kiridara Luang Prabang Hotel has been dedicatedly designed and built in 2011 by a well-known Laotian architect Mr. Bounkham Chaleunphol who has long been in architectural world of design.  He skilfully creates this small boutique hotel with a philosophy in reserving nature and the beautiful landscape as much as he can and that makes Kiridara Luang Prabang Hotel & Villas very unique. This hotel is scaled on Phou Weane, one of historical hill of Luang Prabang in the ancient days, it consists of 24 Laotian contemporary style rooms and spacious suites. Each room has its own uniqueness with different layout and configuration, a few of them come with rock wall. All this creation comes with the aim of preserving the original resource. Most of the room offers panoramic a mountain view by just stepping out the balcony except the suites which offer a mountain view right from the bedroom.

Hotel offers a vast selection of experiences in the resort and cultural activities outside including night and morning markets, temples, alms giving and adventure experience.

To experience the pure nature and tranquillity in the timeless city sometimes does not come often. That is why we would like to recommend you to make your stay at Kiri Mountain View Suite overlooking stretch lines of greenish mountains, to enjoy the dawn and the sunset just from the room.

The hotel and the 3 villas in town are currently manages by SilverNeedle Collection.

Make a day and set yourself free to try out our treatment at ‘The SPA’, a boutique spa where your will find an equilibrium. Allow yourself and your loved one tucked amidst dense teak forests. Serene and blissful, the aroma of essential oils and the breezy surrounds of the teak forest truly make the small  Kiridara Spa is a unique place that demands undivided attention. Something you must try at The Spa is our original Laotian steam in wooden steam room. Here we preserve the old way of the steam set up.

To ensure you truly make your trip to Luang Prabang, have one evening to experience an authentic Luang Prabang specialties at Phu Doi restaurant. We recommend Luang Prabang noodle soup, mixed Lao starter and Luang Prabang sausage, something you can not miss out!

For outside activity, we would like to recommend a short trip to Nahm Dong Park, where is location on the mountain only 10 kilometres away from hotel. You can enjoy aquamarine waterfall 1.2 kilometres.  If you love adventure, this park provides zip lining, trekking trail, or cycling tour around local villages. For those who would like just to relax, this park also offers spa treatment either next to the waterfall or on the tree house or just sipping a cold drink next to Nahm Dong water fall. This place is a perfect country getaway where you can spend a quality time without a hassle. Kiridara offers a hotel package combined with a visit to Nahm Dong Park. For reservation please contact hotel directly to email stay@kiridara.com. Tel +856 (0)71 261 888 or http://www.kiridarahotelluangprabang.com/


Kiridara has 3 additional villas situated in Luang Prabang town, Villa Kili, Villa Visoun and Villa Mekong where you are nested and touched a true Laotian way of life. The ambience of staying at our villa will make you forget the outside world for during your time there.