Asita Vimolchaichit Asita eco resort founder Asita Vimolchaichit interview
March 2016
Asita Vimolchaichit: C.E.O & Founder of Asita Eco Resort


Glam’s story shows that if you want to build a successful business, you have to understand what success means to you and be authentic in who you are. 

After completing her Bachelors and Masters Degree from Australia and further education from Cornell University, United States of America, she came back to live in Thailand. After her return, she received the chance to work with the person who several men and women consider a leadership role-model, as PR of Novotel Siam Square. As a sharp leader, successful entrepreneur and smart CEO, Asita positively contributes to the advancement of women’s leadership roles.

If we talk about Asita, it is impossible that no one recognizes her. She is very talented and full of confidence because of her distinguish attractiveness in the society and her unique characteristics with versatility, working competence and even creativity. This is Asita. It seems like she sees to it that every step of hers will become a good experience so she always pay attention and focuses on what she is doing. To her everything is important, friendship, inspiration from surrounding people and encouragement from her family and that is the core to who Asita is today.

A woman who is smart and full of skills like Asita, it is not surprising why many organizations invite her to participate in their activities.


Asita: My family is from Chinese ancestry. Our ancestors crossed the sea to come here and ran the fishery business. I was taught to pay attention in studies. I felt that studying in Thailand was not enough, so I decided to study aboard.

All members in the family are always working in the business so I thought that when I graduated, I would not work with my family but pursue I want to do. I selected the business that I liked and was interested in, so it makes me happy with my job. Think like this, that I think different from my family because I love to meet people and experience new society for a good.


Asita: (Laughing) Actually, I am very meticulous, serious and careful. I love dressing, love liveliness and love to make myself become active and with good living. I am a piece of work, very selective and like to buy to please myself. I always satisfy myself with good things, love nature and tranquility. If we talk about dressing, I am very careful about it. Sometimes I meet friends in the afternoon and have to get back home to change clothes for dinner. I think this is very important because it represents our selves. We should do what we like, make ourselves happy and the most important is what we have done will give result to everything around us and it must be in the positive way.


Asita: I was one of those people who started planning early, waiting for the right time to arise. It starts from learning and developing interest in marketing. If I did understand, I learned more. Fortunately, with my 20-year-experience in hospitality, I am using it and it makes me think that I can do more than being a PR. It means we must focus on what we do more than 100% in everything. For example, if I have to do something, I will work for it until it is done and it should be better than I planned so it boosts my confidence that I can do better and better.


Asita: We must have a target and make a long-term working plan, rather than stand still, what we are going to do and how, where we have to start, what we must learn or as I call it step by step with planning.

This will help reduce the duration to the achievement and the important thing is personnel management. I welcome employees who have service oriented mind. I have to understand their outstanding skill so we can put them in the right job because the key is to love your job and know how to manage people by understanding their competence. We can encourage and guide them or even challenge their ability. The most important is “I know what I am capable of”. If I don’t know anything, I will try to learn or take courses which will benefit in daily life and to improve my work. I have learned psychology with the thinking that it is really necessary owning to the fact that we have to meet many people with different ideas. Therefore, it is beneficial to find some knowledge.

Although I studied aboard, it does not mean I am the best. In consequence, I always improve myself to go better and better, for me, for myself. Besides, I learn to balance the path between my personal issues and work. I must know how to manage time for myself and the people surrounding me.   


Asita: At some level, I think so. Because I am a person who is always learning especially now when we are in the online social era.

I must catch up with the technology and new developments all the time so I apply them in my work and my life or to try to develop the business. So I believe that learning is endless. There are many things we do not know and many interesting things waiting, for example, now I can do some graphic work. What I can do I do. It does not mean I am covetous but it means being economical. It leads me to be a person who does not need to wait for anyone but move forward and faster. I like it. It’s fun. (Smile).


Asita: It is impossible without a lot of things but importantly knowledge, ideas and experiences, including family, friends and relatives’ encouragement. Also advice from respected seniors.

What is importance is all members in my family are active, from grandparents. They have a head for business and often teach us to do our best and never surrender easily. When I was under my boss, I understood the culture and behavior of this nation so I can work with him.

Speak once without being bossy, if we think different, say it but it does not mean to win but to learn the demand of our co-workers. This is because it results to our success in work, to reach the target. I do not speak indirectly but be honest. Sometimes, I know to be too honest, it does not work so we must improve by taking courses, study our mind and do mediation. I think it’s effective.