August 2016
Pf. David Boonthawee Sirivesmas - World Travel & A history Whisperer
Story by: Luminesce’s Editorial Team

         Professional and Amateur Reveals Key To The Success... 

“For all teenagers, I suggest you enjoy experiencing the life as much as possible because when you become more a mature person, you will recognize who you are, what you like and love to do.”

People have been saying business and art are like two straight lines that never seem to cross given that the central goal for one is money and the other is appreciation. Actually, they are natural partners working in unison and depending on your ability and mindset to realize conflict or compromise in a business paradigm while bringing out the artist in mind as the start-up guiding principle one can steer the business towards sustainable success without harming the society.

We sat down for a brief one-on-one interview with Pf. Boonthawee Sirivesmas, one of the country’s most-respected authors, writers, university guest lecturers, marketers and creative directors who pulled the strings behind many creative ideas, astrologers, and tour leaders. Locally known in short as 'David', he shares with us how we can be truly successful business people through the “Global Standard” and how to blow away snag, breaking through the hindrance in life. He also reveals why the “Never Giver-Up” attitude and continual self-development should indispensably be the next generation’s cornerstone in addition to the self-recognition to realize what we love as an accomplishment in life or even in the business.

We have learnt that you have been doing and engaging in various areas of expertise and interest, so which field of interest and expertise do you think in particular is your reflection or truly your persona?

David: Well, I consider myself merely as an amateur or just a beginner for any area of interest that I’ve been involved in. Actually, I recognize what I love and really enjoy spending time doing whatever I consider as pure reflection of my nature.

I’ve seen a number of prominent professors in Thailand, but they are still considered low profile and are incomparable to the world-recognized icons as the Apple founder Steve Jobs, the world’s incontrovertible technology information catalyst, and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, an American computer programmer, who came up with the communication platform—Facebook—to shrink the globe, making the world become even more well connected. To my sense, I think they stand tangibly as unquestionable testimony of the word “Professor” who has an aptitude of continued self-development...

Moreover, I prefer to live my life privately. You know, I worked under the supervision of a boss or in the employment system for only three years since I finished my education. I have engaged in self-controlled mode of living since then. Thus, I’d say I relish the prospect of being the amateur at any subject or whatever I am going to do.

How do you manage to get things sorted when facing difficulties, snags, or loose end in life?

David: Simply put, when I have difficulty getting through something, I will normally think of the crème de la crème or the prodigy of that particular subject so as to approach and ask for some advice. I am quite incredulous, being skeptical of all suggestions even from my parents and teachers, except myself. So, whoever I decide to consult with for asking favors or guidance, will first be strictly screened for their quality based on my “global standard”. For example, a good-looking Thai businessman donning with classy attire and posh accessories but can generate only a little net profit in business, while inspite of being down-to-earth and easy-going, Mark Zuckerberg whose innovative idea can reap the huge benefit, gains remarkable piece of success. That’s the way to compare through referring to the global standard in order to find out a real expert whom I exemplify through his savvy, empirical knowledge and experience which I can absorb and learn to solve and settle a problem.

"One of the good examples that should never be missed is the prominent Tibetan Buddhist figure “Dalai Lama”, the spiritual leader of Tibet, whom I’ve endeavored to access." Said David

Anyway, what I am going to say is that having the chance to meet the mentioned professional or a successful person to discuss about the area of their expertise will naturally infuse you with the inspirationally proven solution and will also provide you with new uplifting idea for managing your life towards success.

If I was asked what the suffering or pain in life is, I am unable to answer as I might not be familiar with it. And, you know those who have the knack to inflict me with pain or misery for two or three consecutive days, I will consider they are very skillful (He laughed). So, whatsoever will happen in my life, I will never be apprehensive about it, but I will let it be.

Why so many people refer your name in context of astrologer and historian?

David: As I earlier mentioned, I love to involve myself in different areas of interests, including astrology. I consider that being born as a human, it would be great to be able to contribute something beneficial in return to our society and the world we live. I have been a bit of a bookworm and have enthusiastically had various fields of passion to follow, read, and study since I was young. I had an amiable and convivial moment at school, but when I grew up I was fazed with workaholic people in the hustle society. I’ve met diverse range of people with contrasting attitude in the fast-growing society where we have to inexorably live and work in harness with them. Until then, it’s so much that I’ve come to realize there are still many things that I have to learn from working with other people, especially the reflection of the inner mind of people when I look at them. 

But the only thing that we must do is to deliver the best performance at a workplace. Anyway, astrology is part of my passion to study, to get through it and contribute beneficial things to the society. Certainly, there might be some fault, inaccuracy or miscalculation in what I am doing, but I will give the best shot for the better outcome in the future.

You have traveled through many foreign countries. Which countries are your favorite and provide you with great inspirations?

David: Different places have different characteristics and feelings. Each destination has its own unique story and charming background. I remember the time I visited Alaska, the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. I was totally mesmerized and enraptured by the beauty of the pristine nature and the enthralling natural surrounding. There was no historical and colonial-style building or even the enticing grand palace over there. So, I’d say that every place is individual and has intriguing feature, it depends on everyone’s appetite and taste of interest and what a person is looking for. I am one of those who want to keep on traveling or voyaging to new places as it always expand my horizons and give me fresh inspirational perspective at viewing things.

Advice for enthusiastic readers or young generations?

David: Actually, I’m afraid to give advice. But one good point that I would like to remind people in general and the upcoming generations is that when we are born as a human, having better education and better quality of life, it’s better to spend the remaining time of your life doing beneficial and valuable contribution for our society. We are still far behind from the world’s stage of competitiveness and there is still ample room for us to redevelop ourselves.

For all teenagers, I wish you enjoy experiencing the life at full throttle so that, when you become more adult or a more mature person, you will recognize who you are, what your reflection is, what you like and love to do.

When traveling abroad, you might have witnessed or experienced some impressive thing, product or service, which are not available in Thailand. Have you ever had the knee-jerk sense that we (Thailand) should have such thing as well?

David: Frankly, Thais are gentle, but sometime not delicate enough and like to do anything uncommitted. Anyway, Thailand is not that bad, but we are not so serious enough to any commitment for the betterment of the country. Characteristics of Japanese people, for example, are notably stringent, hardworking, ardent, and enthusiastic as the land of rising sun has gone through series of natural catastrophes, making Japanese people become even stronger and united. They will rise up every time they fall, aiming to continue developing and evolving their own country. In Europe, Germany is ranked the first in the continent.

Once some people came up to me and asked as to which kind of business should we do, I mulled and replied “Doing anything that’s bigger, the better the world would be”. At the time, I meant that my richness will hamper or endanger the comfortable life and livability in the society. For example, if I operate alcohol and liquor store, such business will encourage bad drinking habit and indefinitely cause incurable health problems to people in the long run. And, of course, my customer’s physical health will be absolutely feeble. On the other hand, if I embark on doing social-advantage business, my customer or people in society will evidently have a better quality of life. That’s my principle.

Can you tell us something about your latest outstanding work activities?

David: Currently, I am the author for several historical books and the key writer for many inspiration-related stories. Furthermore, I also launched a travel trip to historical sites for those wishing to gain priceless knowledge while traveling. I am always working towards coming up with innovative ideas.

What is your guiding principle?

David: Actually, my principle or philosophy has regularly been changing. Anyway, my principle at present is about the Time. Time is valuable and is running out, as we have limited time. So, whatever you would like to get through, just do it now.