August 2015


Koh Hey is the island located in the southeast of Phuket, about 6 km from the coast of Phuket. It is known in English as "Coral Island". In Koh Hey, there is the white sand and clear water. The tourists can go snorkeling to see coral and marine fish in shallow water. Koh Hey has the beach in the front and the back. The front beach of the island is the beautiful beach with accommodation and restaurants. There is the coral reef in the west such as Finger coral, Branching Coral, and Disc coral. There is colorful small fish such as butterfly fish, Nori fish, and snapper. In the back of the island, there is also the beach for relaxing and swimming with clear water and coral reefs. The environment is as same as in the front of the island but peaceful. There are also many shops selling food and drinks to tourists.

What is very attractive for Bananna Beach is the tranquilness and privacy. This may be because this island is not much known among Thai and foreign tourists and it has just been disclosed to public. However, it is an attractive destination among Japanese tourists. Another quite impressive thing is the service along with the good care on visitors with friendly smile and care in providing fresh and new food always for the tourists to eat after doing the activities included in the package arranged for us by the tour company.

Banana Beach offers a lot of activities for us such as:

- Snorkeling to view coral. You can choose to dive down to about 10 meters where you can see the cute Nemo fish and a lot of fish in the sea that will make you enjoy a spectacular view under the sea or you can choose to snorkel on the surface of water in shallow water. This is also provided for the customers as well although only urchins are mostly found.

- Or you can choose to snorkel at the back of the island. This is a must-do activity as the point has the very clear and clean water.

 - Parasailing is to parachute by using the boat to drag the parachute into the sky. In each time of parasailing, the officer will accompany us in the sky for safety. We will see the 360-degree view that will make you feel like saying 'you can fly' ... Wowww ... it's so cool!



Flying Hanuman

Talking about Phuket, everyone thinks of the brilliant blue sea, the breeze atmosphere, snorkeling, and sunbathing. But who can really think that Phuket does not have only beautiful sea, there is also beautiful nature waiting for you to experience by yourself. We would like to recommend the place of Adventure Traveling for both being tired and having fun altogether. You will see things that you have never seen before. The nature is surrounded by lush forest and numerous trees at over 400 meters in height with 25 stations over a period of 2 hours. At each location, the height is varied. The length spanning to the other side is not the same. You can upgrade the excitement and fun continuously. You can hang around as if you were a monkey moving from one place to another. You can release your voice when hanging.

We also meet very lovely receptionists who will guide the tourists on the use of various devices in playing. This is because this place gives most priority to safety. Before starting to hang around, the staff will notify the strict rules of playing. We should not ignore the advice of the staff. For the devices, they are of standard. We do not have to worry about the safety. With the entertainment of staffs, doing the fun activities at Flying Hanuman will make us feel at ease and enjoy the greenery by looking the Andaman Sea of Phuket so vividly. You can see the nature in panorama. The beauty of nature which you cannot miss along with the fun and challenging activities will make you impressed in visiting here again, at the Flying Hanuman.

TEL. +66 76 323 264-5 | +66 81 979 2332